A B O U T   L I S A

He says (about her):
I can honestly say that I married my best friend.  I’ve never been as comfortable with anyone as I am with Lisa.  Even the first time we talked the conversation flowed like we had known each other for years.  And now I can’t wait to know her forever.  We think the same way, we like the same things and we have the same goals.  

I think one of the first things that attracted me to Lisa was her great sense of humor.  As I think back on our life together, we have spent so much time laughing.  Whether in the car, or on walk or working on the house, Lisa always finds a way to make it fun.  She always laughs at my dumb jokes, even if it is just to make me feel good.  I love to see her interact with Macey and Finley.  They are best friends and have so much fun together learning and playing.  Whenever Macey or Finley need true comfort, they turn to Lisa and get the love that only a mom could offer to make everything alright.  I have learned to be a dad, but Lisa has been a great mom from the very start.  Everything about her is beautiful.

On top of that, Lisa is an amazing person.  She is always thinking about others and looking for ways to meet other people’s needs.  Throughout the challenges we have faced in our lives, she has exhibited great humility and strength regardless of the situation.  She loves her Heavenly Father and is constantly faithful to Him.  I know that regardless of what comes in our lives, I can rely on her for strength and we will make it through.

She says (about herself):
I love to read. Some recent favorites are The Art of Hearing Heartbeats, 
I love to quilt. I’m not a very creative person, but quilting is my jam.
I like to do house projects and like refinishing furniture. I like the idea of turning something old and worn into something beautiful. 
I love anything that involves water – swimming, playing in the ocean, and wakeboarding. 
I am terrified of sharks, but for some reason I love the series "Shark Week" that is on the Discovery Channel every year.
I grew up camping and hiking and still love it (especially in Southern Utah); 
I love, love, love going for long walks with my family. There is nothing better to me than a nice, long stroll.
I am a big fan of playing games –Quirkle, Ticket to Ride and Scrabble are a few favorite.
I love to watch a few TV shows, including The Good Wife, The Mindy Project, Parenthood, and American Ninja Warrior.

If I had to choose one word to describe myself, it would be “resilient”. I have endured trials in my life that I never imagined I would – yet I have survived. I have become stronger, more steadfast, more reliant on my Heavenly Father. I have learned that a greater inner strength can come from difficult situations. That the human spirit can endure. Mine has.

I find my greatest joy in my husband, who is my best friends, and my kids. There is no one I would rather be with. Day in, day out, through thick or thin, I would rather be staring at a wall with them than on the greatest adventure in the world with anyone else.